Sending Advertisements

Sending Advertisements

Once you have prepared your timer driver (see TschTimer) and radio driver (see TschRadio), the first step is to have your mote send advertisements. This step involves a single mote.

Set up the timer

Configure the timer to fire every TsSlotDuration. If you have the debug pins in place, you should see a screen similar to the following on your scope:

(source file at before_connected.prj)

Set up the schedule

Now, set up the development schedule, but leave out everything but the ADV slot (slot 0). Configure your ADV-regenation task such taht it generates an ADV every second.

Send Advertisement

Feel free to use the IEEE80254E.c source file. If everything runs fine, you should see:

  • on your sniffer, one ADV packet sent every second, abiding to the ADV packet format;
  • on your scope, you should see that the ADV is sent TsTxOffset into the slot, as per the illustration below.

(source file at nine_slots_final.prj)