Implementing IEEE802.15.4e

We strongly believe IEEE802.15.4e is the most reliable and energy-efficient MAC protocol for low-power motes. This document will guide you through its implementation, highlighting the steps and providing tips and tricks. This guide is not targeted at a particular platform, but rather provides a discussion in plain English.

Intended Audience

This guide assumes the reader is an engineer or embedded programmer, who is familiar with C language application development on micro-controllers. Implementing IEEE802.15.4e requires playing with low-level features such as timer and interrupt registers. We will provide the core of the code you will need to get things working. While this is not simply a copy-and-paste project, we will point out what minor additional steps you will need to implement to ensure a proper implementation on your specific hardware platform.

How to Use this Guide

This guide is meant to be followed as the implementation progresses. We recommend you go over all the steps before you start implementing.


If something in this guide is not clear or if you are stuck, don't hesitate to contact Thomas Watteyne or post an e-mail to the OpenWSN mailing list.