BSAC IAB 2010 Workshop

This workshop was organized by the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC), UC Berkeley during the Fall IAB 2010, and event where BSAC researchers present their work to the BSAC Industrial members.

Because of the limited seating and the important turnout, the same workshop was given twice, at the following dates:

  • Wednesday September 15 2010, 8am-1pm
  • Friday September 17 2010, 1-5pm

Both events took place in the David Brower Center, Kinzie Room, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley CA.


BSAC Hands-On Workshop: Networking Wireless Inertial Sensors

IEEE802.15.4e is a low-power communication standard for low-power sensor networks soon to be ratified. Developed through initial research over the past decade at BSAC, this low-power, high-reliability 802.15.4e protocol has now become an official standard. Open standards lead to interoperability and wide commercialization of sensor innovations. Come join us for a hands-on workshop to explore OpenWSN, an open-source version of this protocol stack presently being developed at BSAC. From this workshop, you will take home open-source hardware and software so you can demonstrate to your colleagues how a wide variety of sensors can be simply and cheaply interconnected into low-power ad-hoc mesh networks. 

The photo shows the MOTE you will take home. It provides a 9-axis inertial measurement unit, a microcontroller, an IEEE802.15.4 radio chip and an enhancement interface for attaching your
own sensors. The goal of this half-day workshop is to explore the OpenWSN protocol stack and exercise the capabilities of this General Inertial Navigation Assistant (GINA mote).

Attendees will receive:

  • HARDWARE: a GINA 2.2 mote and a RAVEN base station. Both will come pre-programmed;
  • SOFTWARE: Python scripts to interface a laptop to the base station, development environment for the GINA mote, code examples and OpenWSN protocol stack;
  • TRAINING: hands-on demonstrations on pre-programmed firmware, pointers to customize firmware to your own needs; access to developer WIKI. 

No prior experience with motes or embedded programming is necessary. Demos will be self-contained, with explanations for the novice, and pointers to resources available for more advanced attendees.


This outline is for the Wednesday session; the same outline holds for the Friday session

TimeSpeaker, Event / Topic Information
08.00Arrival, Continental Breakfast 
Kinzie Room and Hazel Wolf Gallery
08.45Prof. Kris Pister 
Dr. Thomas Watteyne
Introduction to the Workshop
09.00Dr. Anita Flynn
The Guidance & Inertial Navigation Assistant (GINA)

Fabien Chraim
Development Environment on GINA

10.00Ankur Mehta
Inertial Measurements: Accelerometer & Microgyro Demonstrations
11.00Ankur Mehta
IMU Data Fusion; Air Pen Demonstration
11.30Thomas Watteyne
OpenWSN Protocol Stack
12.00Thomas Watteyne
IPv6 Integration Networking Demo
12.30Ankur Mehta
Footstep & Intrusion Detection Using GINA
12.45Thomas Watteyne
Takeaways, Post-Workshop Activities, Developer Wiki
13.00Adjourn Workshop 
Sandwich Lunch