How to gather your app data from your mote on your own

A general application for wireless sensor networks is gathering sensor data from the deployed motes and making some predication/operation based on those sensed data. In this page, you will learn how to do this based on OpenWSN project. 

Hardware you need

  • 2x OpenMotes
  • 1x OpenBase
  • 1x mini B cable
  • A computer running the OpenWSN environment installed



The application prints on screen what you are receiving from the other mote, which is the counter value increasing from 0.Once the printing works you can:

  • make uinject fancier to include real sensor data. I would recommend to then rename the application
  • make the fancier and log/send/tweet the received data

Besides, the latency of each packet starting from being generated until received by dagroot is printed on screen right after the counter. It's shown in seconds and the accuracy is one slot long which is 15ms.