USP Mote CC2538

The main goal of this project is to decouple the sensor board from the wireless board (mote) using a generic communication interface based on SPI and a standard protocol. This way, the mote board may be used to publish data any sensor board that implements the proposed protocol, allowing users to focus only on their own sensor boards. OpenWSN stack and mote will take care of periodic readings and transmission of sensor data. 

The proposed protocol will provide all necessary information to the mote, like the number of available points under monitoring (sensor points), data types, sampling rates and server addresses to publish data. Asynchronous events ca be handled by interrupt lines, enabling alarms from sensor boards to be reported to the server with low latency. The implementation is based on reading and writing in a register map implemented in the sensor board. These registers describe all resources available in the sensor.

For the prototype phase, it will be used CC2538EM-RD boards as motes, from Texas Instruments. The sensor protocol will be implemented in a FRDM-KL46Z board. After validation, dedicated mote and sensor boards will be designed.