OpenWSN support

The Zolertia Z1 is fully supported in OpenWSN.

The OpenWSN builders build the Zolertia Z1 firmware nightly:

The Zolertia Z1 is a commercial product. Please refer to http://www.zolertia.com/products/Z1 for more information about the board, sensors, accessories and ordering information.

Use the Zolertia Wiki for more technical details. 



  • MSP430F2617 16-bit RISC CPU@16MHz
  • CC2420 2.4GHz @250kbps Transceiver
  • CP2102 USB-to-serial from SiLabs
  • ADXL345 3-axis digital accelerometer
  • TMP102 Thermometer from Texas Instruments
  • Embedded Ceramic Antenna from Yageo/Phycomp (Note: you can also use an external antenna)