USP Mote MC13213

The major mote platform from USP is built upon the MC13213 Soc built by Freescale. This mote features an HCS08 uC and a IEEE802.15.4 radio. Schematics are currently also available for the same board, but based on an ARM7 micro controller. This board has more more computational power and will be used with a separate motherboard which features an LCD screen and kaypad (to serve as a handheld). All schematics can be found in the OpenWSN source.


To specify the name of each board, the following convention will be used



  • A is incremented when the BOM of the board has changed, i.e. a different chip is used on the board. This requires a change in firmware.
  • B is incremented when the schematic of the board has changed. This will distinguish all of the various schematics.
  • C is incremented when the layout of the board has changed, i.e. a new form factor. This does not requires a change in firmware.

More details

The original USP mote board is shown below.

This board features the MC13213 SoC by Freescale. There are a number of these devices available for research in Brazil, but the layout has been modified to separate the board into two sections, a motherboard, and a daughter-card. This separate board is available publicly on the OpenWSN source tree. The same OpenWSN code will tun on both platforms. If a #define ELDORADO_BOARD is specified in the code, the pintouts for the old board will be used. If not, the pinouts for the new daugthercard will be used.

The motherboard is shown below.

The layout and schmatics for the motherboard are given below. As it stands, either a daughter-card on the MC13213 can be used, or a separate daughter card based on an ARM7 uC can be used.

The daughter card, mother board combo, based on the MC13213 is shown below.

While the ARM7 based daughter card has not yet been built, the schematics are available.

A more powerful motherboard has also been designed to be interfaced as a handheld in the future.