The IoT-LAB_M3 mote is based on a STM32 (ARM Cortex M3) micro-controller, and features a set of sensors and a radio interface.

OpenWSN support

The IoT-LAB_M3 is fully supported in OpenWSN.

The OpenWSN builders build the IoT-LAB_M3 firmware nightly:


MCUST2M32F103REY – 32-bits, 64kB RAM
external memory128 Mbits external Nor flash (N25Q128A13E1240F)
power3,7V LiPo battery – 650 mAh (063040)
radio chipsetAT86RF231
a IEEE802.15.4-compliant radio at 2.4 GHz
ledsgreen, red, orange



The M3 Open Node can reset, debug and program the STM32 on JTAG through the FTDI4232H connected to the USB. This component allows also a UART link to the STM32. The Open Node connector gives access to 3 STM32/GPIO and the STM32/I2C. Two power lines are accessible on this connector:
  • a + 5.0 volts for the board power supply
  • a 3.3 volts for the consumption monitoring of the STM32, the RF component and the sensors

The M3 Open Node can be used standalone without a gateway connected to the M3 Open node connector. The powering of the board is then assumed by a battery or by the USB connector  The choice of the power input is done electronically (power management).