Web UI Implementation

This page describes our implementation of the Web UI for OpenVisualizer.


  • Displays networking state of USB attached motes, including 6TiSCH/802.15.4e communication schedule and list of neighbors.
  • Displays list of internal events.
  • Provides user help dialogs that describe all displayed attributes.

Server Requirements

Bottle web frameworkUsing v0.11.6, with Python's WSGI reference web server. Using the built-in template mechanism.

JavaScript client libraries

The server provides these libraries for use within the browser.


Development code is maintained in the develop_SW-1b branch of Ken's GitHub repository.


Use the SCons CLI target:

~/openwsn-sw/software/openvisualizer# scons runweb

Remember, must run as root (or sudo) on Linux; or as Administrator on Windows. Must manually kill the server process. Notice the PID is displayed at startup.

To view the app, browse to http://localhost:8080/moteview.