IETF89 plugfest

The first-ever plugfest of the IETF 6TiSCH working group took place on March 6th 2014 during the IETF89 meeting in London. OpenWSN was featured in the following open-source implementations:

  1. the RIOT team demonstrated the OpenWSN protocol stack running as part of a thread in the RIOT operating system.
  2. the INRIA team demonstrated OpenWSN running on the IoT-LAB platform.
  3. the Univerisity of Bari team demonstrated an implementation of the DeTAS distributed scheduling approach in OpenWSN on the TelosB motes.
  4. the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya team introduced the new OpenMote platform, running OpenWSN.
  5. the UC Berkeley team demonstrated OpenWSN running on the TelosB, Z1, OpenMoteSTM and GINA motes.

Thanks to all the participants (32!) for the wonderful plugfest, and to Xavier Vilajosana for chairing it!