Installation and Dependencies

This page describes the library and tool dependencies to run OpenVisualizer, and provides download instructions for the installation package.

For generic installation instructions, please follow one of the following "Getting Started" tutorials:



PackageRoleInstallation Notes
Pythonimplementation languageUsing v2.7. v3.x not supported.
PySerialserial to moteUsing v2.6.
PyDispatcherevent frameworkUsing v2.0.3. Historically, we have included PyDispatcher in the OpenVisualizer repository itself. However, as of November 2013, we are transitioning the develop branch to require separate installation of PyDispatcher, as we require installation of the other modules listed in this table. So, if in doubt, install this module.

Python Extensions for Windows

tunnel dependency
(Windows only)
Using Build 218. Be sure to review README.txt at the download site to retrieve the proper version.
SConstool executionUsing v2.3.
TAP for WindowsIPv6 tunnel driver
(Windows only *)
Using v9.9.2. When selecting components, include TAP Utilities as well as the adapter itself.
The TUN interface on Windows requires some configuration. Follow our tun/tap for Windows tutorial, specifically the Install tun page and the Configure tun page (perform Computer B steps).
Bottle web framework

UI library
(only for web UI)

Using v0.11.6, with Python's WSGI reference web server. Using the built-in template mechanism. Uses several JavaScript/CSS libraries: jQuery v1.10.2, jQueryUI v1.1.0, SlickGrid v2.2 (from this commit), and PocketGrid v1.1.

FTDI USB/Serial driver

serial to mote
(e.g. TelosB)

Silicon Labs CP2102
UART-to-USB bridge
serial to mote
(e.g. GINA)
For Windows, download CP210x VCP Windows driver. Use the default options. If successful, Windows shows two new programs (Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features):
Silicon Laboratories CP320x USB to UART Bridge (Driver Removal)
Silicon Laboratories CP320x VCP Drivers for Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista/7

unit test tool
(unit test only)

Using v2.3.5.

* On Linux, TUN/TAP already is included with the operating system, and OpenVisualizer configures it on the fly. See our TUN/TAP in Linux page for more information.

The --trace option provides internal memory profiling of OpenVisualizer itself, and requires yappi.


PackageRoleInstallation Notes
openwsn-swOpenVisualizer softwareDownload zip or clone with Git. Typically, we use the develop branch as our common development base.
openwsn-fwFirmware header files required by openwsn-swDownload zip or clone with Git.
Must install in a sibling directory to openwsn-sw. So, if software is in C:\develop\openwsn-sw, then firmware must be in C:\develop\openwsn-fw.