CoAP Python Library


The CoAP Python library implements, in particular:

CoAP server capabilitysupported
CoAP client capabilitysupported
CONfirmable messagingsupported
NON confirmable messagingsupported
timeout and retrysupported
concurrent requestssupported

not supported

proxyingnot supported
DTLS securitynot supported
multicast CoAPnot supported
If-Match Option

not supported

Uri-Host Optionnot supported
ETag Optionnot supported, see COAP-5 - Getting issue details... STATUS
If-None-Match Optionnot supported
Uri-Port Optionnot supported
Location-Path Optionnot supported
Uri-Path Optionsupported
Content-Format Optionsupported
Max-Age Optionnot supported
Uri-Query Optionnot supported
Accept Optionnot supported
Location-Query Optionnot supported
Proxy-Uri Optionnot supported
Proxy-Scheme Optionnot supported
Size1 Optionnot supported


The source code is organized in the following directories:

  • coap/ contains the library itself. You should not have to modify its contents
  • tests/ contains the unit tests and functional tests, which are executed nightly by the OpenWSN build servers.


This section is under construction. To be finalized when COAP-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS is fixed.

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