Running a Network

This page is under construction!

This page details how to run a full OpenWSN experiment on the ioT-LAB testbed.

We will use the setup depicted below:

Prepare the server

SSH connection with tunneling

We tunnel TCP port 1234 from the server to the host.

Ungrade to Python 2.7

cd ~
tar zxvf Python-2.7.9.tgz
cd Python-2.7.9/
mkdir -p ~/usr/local
make altinstall prefix=$HOME/usr/local exec-prefix=$HOME/usr/local
cd ~/usr/local/bin/
ln -s python2.7 python
cd ~
python --version

install pip and virtualenv

cd ~
wget --no-check-certificate
python --user
.local/bin/pip install --install-option="--user" virtualenv
export PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH

Create a Python virtual environment

cd ~
virtualenv venv

Download openwsn-sw

cd ~
git clone

Install OpenVisualizer requirements

cd ~
source venv/bin/activate
cd openwsn-sw/
pip install -r requirements.txt

Start an Experiment

This tutorial is written for the WSN430v14 board only.

Compile/retrieve binary image

You have the following options for retrieving the binary images:

  • rebuild them yourself by running the following command:
    • for the DAGroot image on the device:

      scons board=wsn430v14 toolchain=mspgcc noadaptivesync=1 dagroot=1 oos_openwsn

      Save the resulting file as 03oos_openwsn_dagroot.hex.

    • for the non-DAGroot devices:

      scons board=wsn430v14 toolchain=mspgcc noadaptivesync=1 oos_openwsn

      Save the resulting file as 03oos_openwsn.hex.

  • The pre-compiled binaries are also attached to this page, see list below.

  File Modified

File 03oos_openwsn_dagroot_dio.hex

Nov 02, 2014 by Thomas Watteyne

File 03oos_openwsn.hex

Nov 03, 2014 by Thomas Watteyne

Create Experiment

  • choose a number of nearby nodes on the same IoT-LAB deployment site

  • Associate:
    • 03oos_openwsn_dagroot.hex to the node you want to be DAGroot.
    • 03oos_openwsn.hex to the remaining nodes
  • Write down their names

Start OpenVisualizer

source venv/bin/activate
cd openwsn-sw/software/openvisualizer/bin/openVisualizerApp/
python --port 1234 --iotlabmotes wsn430-1,wsn430-2,wsn430-3,wsn430-25,wsn430-26,wsn430-27,wsn430-49,wsn430-50,wsn430-51

Stop OpenVisualizer

Enter "q" in the OpenVisualizer CLI interface to shutdown the application.

You can now simply disconnect from the server. Alternatively, you call deactivate the Python virtual environment: