Implementation of MSF-02

DateMar 15, 2019
Issues32 issues


The main changes are implementing the autonomous shared and non-shared cells which is defined in MSF-02. As well lots of bugs are fixed from the sprint.


The changes are deployed on 40 nodes on OpenTestbed and tested for 24 hours with >95% end-to-end reliability of DAO packets.

All updates


  • FW-814 OPEN Add traffic control for applications.
  • FW-800 CLOSED All the tasks pushed by OpenTimer are using the same priority which is not easy to see by which layer the task is created.
  • FW-798 CLOSED Add configuration file support to scons options
  • FW-797 CLOSED Update the hash collisions handling process according to MSF-02
  • FW-796 CLOSED Update the keep-alive mechanism according to MSF-02 draft
  • FW-795 CLOSED Update the installation of autonomous cell according to MSF-02
  • FW-794 OPEN Update the 6P TIMEOUT calculation according to MSF draft v02
  • FW-793 OPEN Update hash function of MSF according to version 02
  • FW-789 CLOSED Enable OSCORE encryption during join


  • FW-817 CLOSED no free queue buffer error occurs on a mote with 5 6P packet in queue.
  • FW-816 RESOLVED Don't remove neighbor marked as parent when cleaning old neighbors
  • FW-813 CLOSED Scheduler task overflow on dagroot when running a 40 nodes network
  • FW-812 CLOSED RPL needs a thread to change the l2 destination address for IPv6 packet, in case of parent changes.
  • FW-811 CLOSED Autonomous cell is not installed after parent is selected.
  • FW-810 CLOSED Node keeps de-synchronized when using probability broadcast strategy.
  • FW-809 CLOSED MSF-01 6PCLEAR vanishes also autonomous cells
  • FW-805 CLOSED Critical error ERR_FREEING_ERROR happened, which caused reboot at opencoap
  • FW-804 CLOSED error message "unknown error 73 " is printed out, which is known actually
  • FW-803 CLOSED Cancel the join request retransmission timer only when the node joined.
  • FW-802 CLOSED Default join priority should be 0xff to the neighbor whose EB haven't received
  • FW-801 CLOSED If 6P CLEAR response failed to send out, clear its managed cells as well.
  • FW-799 CLOSED Join Request re-transmission should check synchronization before sent.
  • FW-775 CLOSED 6PCLEAR fails in case of schedule inconsistency due to parent switch
  • FW-739 CLOSED Openmote node stops communication after about 10 minutes of pinging it using timeslot 15ms
  • FW-725 CLOSED openqueue_removeAllCreatedBy() can remove packets currently being transmitted


  • FW-815 CLOSED Resolve the issue when the autonomous cell is conflicted with a managed Tx/Rx cell
  • FW-792 CLOSED Using channel 11 by default for radio_tx and radio_rx
  • FW-791 CLOSED Fix IAR IoT-Lab_M3 build failure
  • FW-790 CLOSED Fix compiling error of 02drv and 03oos_mercator projects for openmote-b


  • FW-819 CLOSED Handle the case 6P response is received in a wrong state
  • FW-818 CLOSED reset neighbor backoff when packet senddone.


  • FW-779 OPEN The wdDataDuration and wdAckDuration timing should be defined inside the board_info.h since it varies if the radio sending rate is NOT 250KB/s