Using Scons as Eclipse Builder

This short tutorial aims to provide a quick guide to setup Scons as an external tool to build OpenWSN in Eclipse.

Assuming that:

  • You have openwsn-fw repository cloned somewhere in your PC (e.g ~/cool_stuff/openwsn/openwsn_fw)
  • You have a system variable pointing to openwsn-fw home (e.g $OPENWSN_HOME)
  • You have eclipse installed
  • You have Scons installed
  • You are able to compile openwsn from a terminal using Scons.

First, import your project into Eclipse. This can be done by right-clicking on the Project Explorer (left side of eclipse) and selecting Import. Browse to the project directory,

e.g $OPENWSN_HOME/firmware/openos/projects/cc2538/03oos_openwsn


Then we will need to create one or more external builder according to the Scons targets we want to execute. To do so, select the Run-> External Tools -> External Tools Configurations

And on the left side "Program" right click and select new. The following image shows an example configuration to build cc2538 with GNU Arm toolchain.

More external tool configurations can be added, for example


Apply changes or Run them.