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  1. Compile the oos_sniffer proiject and flash your mote: (for example using OpenMote-CC2538)

    Code Block
    sudo scons board=openmote-cc2538 toolchain=armgcc revision=A1 bootload=/dev/ttyUSB0 oos_sniffer

  2. Then connect the mote through USB and open openVisualizer run:  scons runweb 

    Code Block
    sudo scons runweb

  3. Alternatively you can run the openvisualizer client which will provide a command line interpreter to manage the sniffer. The commands to be used are listed here . If you follow this approach jump to step 4. directly.

    Code Block
    sudo scons runcli

  4. Open browser with address: localhost:8080 and check the box wireshark debugging on eventBus panel. 
  5. Open Wireshark and listen to the OpenWSN interface (tun0)
  6. Type in ``zep'' to filter the IEEE802.15.4e packet
  7. To select the proper channel use the following command (port_name can be /dev/ttyUSB0 for example):
    • set <port_name> channel <value> 
  8. If everything works, you will see the packet sniffered by the mote.