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Installing the Toolchain


on Windows

You absolutely need to follow the instructions from the Wireshark web site


  • Clone the code and install directly under C:\ so it's easier to use the Windows command interpreter.
  • Don't forget to add the cygwin binaries into your PATH environment variable.


on Linux

Nothing special to do!do (smile)

Build Wireshark

Get Wireshark Source Code

Repository to clone: Clone

Build Wireshark On Windows

Configure and verify installed tools





Dissector Source Code

Merged from Pieter de Mil's repo (, this wireshark version is a quick and dirty one and includes :



Compile Dissector on Windows

  • Launch   Launch cmd.exe
  • If it is not done, configure it : 2.2.6. Prepare cmd.exe
  • Enter the following commands:

    Code Block
    >cd $CODE_ROOT/802154e-wireshark/
    >nmake -f Makefile.nmake all


Your executable is at $CODE_ROOT/802154e-wireshark/wireshark-gtk2/wireshark.exe

6TiSCH plugin


This section might be removed?

Plugin Source Code

  • Go to the wireshark plugins source code directory $WIRESHARK_CODE_ROOT/plugins/

  • Repository to clone:

  • Take a look at 6tisch/

Compiling plugin on Windows