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Inline Help

Typing scons without any option will print the help text.

titleExample help output...
Code Block
C:\Users\Thomas\Desktop\openwsn-fw>scons --help
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
 ___                 _ _ _  ___  _ _
| . | ___  ___ ._ _ | | | |/ __>| \ |
| | || . \/ ._>| ' || | | |\__ \|   |
`___'|  _/\___.|_|_||__/_/ <___/|_\_|
scons: done reading SConscript files.
    scons [<variable>=<value> ...] <project>
    scons docs
    scons [help-option]
    A project is represented by a subdirectory of the
    firmware\openos\projects directory, for a particular board. For
    example, the 'oos_openwsn' project may be built for telosb. To specify a
    project, exclude the leading digits in the directory name, like '03' for
    variable=value pairs
    These pairs qualify how the project is built, and are organized here into
    functional groups. Below each variable's description are the valid
    options, with the default value listed first.
    board        Board to build for. 'python' is for software simulation.
                 telosb, wsn430v14, wsn430v13b, gina, z1, pc, python
    toolchain    Toolchain implementation. The 'python' board requires gcc
                 (MinGW on Windows build host).
                 mspgcc, iar, iar-proj, gcc
    Connected hardware variables:
    bootload     Location of the board to bootload the binary on.
                 COMx for Windows, /dev entries for Linux
                 Supports parallel operation with a comma-separated list,
                 for example 'COM5,COM6,COM7'.
    jtag         Location of the board to JTAG the binary to.
                 COMx for Windows, /dev entry for Linux
    fet_version  Firmware version running on the MSP-FET430uif for jtag.
                 2, 3
    Simulation variables:
    fastsim      Compiles the firmware for fast simulation.
                 1 (on), 0 (off)
    These simulation variables are for a cross-platform build, and are valid
    only from an amd64-linux build host.
    simhost      Host platform and OS for simulation. Default selection is
                 the current platform/OS, which of course is not a cross-
                 build. x86-windows cross-build requires MinGW-w64 toolchain.
                 amd64-linux, x86-linux, amd64-windows, x86-windows
    simhostpy    Home directory for simhost cross-build Python headers and
                 shared library.
    Common variables:
    verbose      Print each complete compile/link comand.
                 0 (off), 1 (on)
    Generate source documentation in build\docs\html directory
    --help       Display help text. Also display when no parameters to the
                 scons scommand.
Use scons -H for help about command-line options.


--helpDisplay OpenWSN-specific help (see Inline Help section)
-HDisplay generic SCons help



generic SCons help

name=val Pairs

These pairs specify how to build the project, and optionally load onto hardware.