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Notice some interesting packets:

packet #13 - A CoAP packet is captured from the localhost to mote bbbb::1415:92cc:0:2 (mote 2 in simulation).  This is the packet that is sent when sending a GET request to the 'rt' resource of mote 2 through Firefox Copper (CoAP Interaction#CoAPdiscovery).  In the context of ringmaster, this triggers the mote to be online

packet #17 - a UDP packet headed for localhost from mote 2.  This packet has the simple message 'D' in its payload, representing Discovery. Notice the Source port is 5683, the default port for COAP communication, while the destination is 15000, the hardcoded port I chose for the ringmaster to listen on.

packet #22 - A CoAP PUT packet telling the mote that it has been confirmed as registered by the ringmaster

packet #28 - ringmaster tells packet 2 to perform action 'B' - in this case, blink